43 Hawthorne Place

I acquired a collection of seven images of the same house taken at different times of the year and at different years. There are no dates on the images yet the second postcard has something written on the back. I highlighted the script two different ways to make it more legible. I believe it says Santa Claus. This real photo postcard does depict a snowy wintry scene. The five photos and two real photo postcards were taken in Summit, New Jersey. One photograph had the street address written on the front yet no town or state. I searched using the street address and found a recent color photo of the house. It was from a real estate listing from 2017. The color photo was an exact match of the black & white images. The original listing did have gorgeous interior views of this well preserved house. The Facts and Features are from the original real estate listing courtesy of Keller Williams Realty.

Facts and Features

5 beds4 baths3,532 sqft

Type: Single Family

Year Built: 1923

Lot: 0.33 acres

Last listing: 6/15/2017

Keller Williams Realty

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